Summer Announcement

Good afternoon Beloved Ones!

Between the dates July the 3d and August the 5th, Consultations will only take place through Skype and e-mail.

Angelic readings and Therapy will be as always available through the above means as well as Spiritual Guidance and Intuitive Coaching!

You can always arrange your Psychotherapy and Yoga Consultations through Skype as well. For those who have not tried this before, We encourage you to try them. They are fascinating, minimizing distances, uplifting and done on your own environment’s comfort &/or challenges!!

If you wish, you can choose to receive your personal Angelic & Spiritual Guidance and Therapy which from now on becomes available through e-mail.

Please contact us for appointments through the e-mails:


Skype addresses:






Space for you request, prayer or comment.

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