Eleftheria Pagkalou (Eng)

Φωτογραφία 8-7-15, 12.34 μ.μ.


Eleftheria Pagkalou is a Spiritual Master of Psychology who holds a BA in Psychology and an MSc in Health Psychology from University of Bedfordshire, UK. She is working closely with the Archangelic and Angelic Kingdom, the Ascended Masters, higher self and Spirit Guides.

She is a descendant of a spiritual family which is composed by teachers, a Nun, therapist, and a Theologist. She was raised in an environment in which spirituality and groundness were reinforced. Since she was a little girl she was receiving Divine Guidance and strong intuitive instructions. In September 1993, she survived a car accident due to the intervention of her Guardian Angels.

Her evolutionary path involves participation, work and management of therapeutic groups, Psychotherapeutic Marathons and work within Therapeutic Communities for individuals dependent to drugs.

In 2006, she is trained in the method of Bioresonance and becomes a Bioresonance Practitioner®. Bioresonance for first time in the Greek island of Crete becomes available to the general public. At the same time, she continues to heal people through Psychotherapy and Spiritual Guidance at her private practice.
The same year she studies with her first Spiritual teacher, Orin who took her into the initiation and mastery journey into Spirituality. In 2007 in California, she becomes certified by Dr Doreen Virtue and registers as an Angel Therapy Practitioner®. In 2009, in Hawaui, she becomes certified by Dr Doreen Virtue and registers as a Mediumship AngelTherapy® Practitioner.

She is a Therapist and Teacher who is characterized by her warmth and hot temperament, her courage, morality and integrity in all her encounters and endeavors, the power of her speech, her intuitive ability, her love for truth and honesty, her love for life itself and her commitment to contribute through her talks, work and personal choices to a better world and to bring forth the word of God. Hand in hand with her husband Ivan are now following their life purpose which involves creating “Heaven on Earth”. Her work with people continues to unfold and release magic as it is Divinely guided.

Her life is led by her vision for reawakening and reminding humanity of its Divine inheritance and inborn right to Divine life and manifestation of Heaven on Earth.


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