Guidance given on 4/2/15

Guidance is given for today and the Angels say:

Day of changes and shifts it is!

It is an awakening and self-awareness day! Sudden realizations and the need for action as well as new ideas arising and intense heart desires emerging! Need for movement!

Possible sadness may surface following the awakening period and you may find yourself facing anger or other intense emotions towards yourselves or others. Take the time to rest and heal and if necessary and possible activate the mechanisms of forgiveness (ask the help of a mentor, therapist or Guide in this quest). Please take the time to prepare before acting. It is necessary.

Your ego will try to play games through your thoughts and will try to prevent or stop you from facing your realizations or taking the necessary time to digest things or prepare for action. Do not submit to it!

Beloved you are!


Angelic Talks (c 2015)

Channeled by Eleftheria


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