Angelic & Spiritual Transmission 23/6/2014

These couple of days there is a need to close out the voices and noises from the surrounding environment.

Do you feel you are very much influenced by the opinions of others?

Do you feel your mind is full of thoughts which disturbing, confusing, bringing your clarity and self confidence down?

These are indications you have lost contact with your inner voice, the voice of your true Self. You need to disconnect from the outside world which creates inner turbulation and disturbance and focus on receiving and listening the voice within.

If you feel you are tired of listening to others and experiencing energies which you do not even know if they belong to you, do not mind you feel this disturbance. Be grateful. Your soul is giving you the opportunity to change direction through your emotions.

Get out of the way and clear the path of noise and outer voices. Listen your true Self speaking. The inner voice cannot be heard in the middle of noise. It is a gentle energy and its transmissions are peaceful and gentle. It will not try to shout louder than the outer noises. You need to allow yourself to focus until you hear it. There is no other way, and it is a great learning experience!

Lots of Angelic Love & Soul Light,

Eleftheria Pagkalou

Channeling Eleftheria Pagkalou (c) 2014


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