Yoga teachings and methods of transmission vary greatly across different schools, traditions and teachers. The following explanations represent the combination of my studies (what has been transmitted by my teachers) and my experience of yoga, and as such my teachings on yoga.

Yoga can be seen as an applied philosophy, rich in methods, techniques and described results, with the purpose of improving one´s life.

The practice of yoga does not require any specific set of believes or abilities. This is probably why it has such a wide appeal across cultures and religions of the world.

Within this wide range of possibilities we can practice yoga as a continuum between the following main three focuses:

  • Yoga for Personal Power

The focus is on growth and development.  Characterised by challenging practices that increase energy levels, optimise bodily functions, increase breath capacity and control, and develop mental faculties.

  • Yoga for Stability and Self-Inquiry

The focus is on maintaining physical & mental health and energy levels. Characterised by practices adjusted to the capacities of the individual and their life (work, family), providing a support that allows greater awareness and grace.

  • Yoga as Therapy

The focus is on restoring health and energy levels. Characterised by highly specialised and gentle practices to work with each individual´s condition/s. Practices tend to be smaller and may be repeated several times per day.


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