Angel Transmission-Teachings for the week 16/6 to 22/6/14.

This week the Angels lovingly say to you:

“All thoughts, acts create a momentum. They create building blocks upon which One’s life is created. The form of life, the form of manifestation depends on the momentum. It depends on the devotion and commitment to create the life You want.

Being positive, committing to being positive, think positive thoughts, positive words, engage in positive-uplifting-for the higher good acts, create positive-uplifting momentum and eventually a positive-uplifting life.

Love yourself enough to create such shifts. Love yourself enough to be able to love Earth and create positive shifts on Earth and for Earth.

Live consciously today. Make choices that feel right for you, expressing Dignity, Integrity, Love, Compassion and Peace on Earth today. This is the Divine flow, let it saturate you until it becomes You. Life will then flow with ease, will feel Divine, Nurturing, True, Uplifting, Caring and All Loving. Let This life take care of you and rest assured you will be well and protected”.


My love,

Eleftheria Pagkalou

Heaven on Earth Spiritual Life Temple


Channeled by Eleftheria Pagkalou(c)


Space for you request, prayer or comment.

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