Spiritual Psychology

Spiritual Psychology is interested in the works of the Psyche and focuses upon “drawing” the individual onto its integrated Self. Spiritual Psychology is characterized by multi-leveled and multi-dimensional work , each level contributing to the Integral Self*. The individual is perceived and treated as a Divine creation and the work is based on exploring, developing and mastering his/her Divine aspects. Eventually, with lots of work, discipline and guidance, the individual becomes master of Himself, becomes the Self, the Christed Self which is the final stage of development and evolution as a human being.
Work involves learning and mastering the thought processing, aura clearing and chakra cleansing and harmonization, cleansing of emotions, reprogramming the conscious and subconscious mind, developing a highly evolved physical body, creating a clear-highly spiritualized supportive environment, developing respect for the self, learning that everything happening in life is a spiritual lesson, dealing with Karma, see the self as part of the Creation process, teaches co-creation with the Spirit world etc.

*Self here refers to this Integrated Self where all parts unite to become One to bring forth the Supreme Self, The otherwise called Divine Self, hence the capital S. The capital S here discriminates it from the self which is used by the traditional Psychology to refer to the personality level of the individual which is in truth only the earth aspect of the individual.


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