Angel reading for the week 28/4 to 4/5/2014

This will be an intensive week. Finances have the potential to develop well.

It also provides the opportunity for learning and to deal with something more challenging. There shall be a new area of study. Perhaps you wanted to study something or go back to school or you have requested information about a specific subject and/or a situation. Whatever the case the beginning of the week offers opening for growth(through requesting or learning).

As days go by it is important to trust any intuition you may have, to raise your self confidence and trust yourself no matter what is happening! The end of the week shall bring you knew challenges at a mental level. Answers to your requests shall appear that may be surprising and challenging. The opportunity for challenge and study you have asked for appears and your intuition you have focused upon this week is here to assist you and guide your path!

The pattern of the week then is an opening for learning and study, trusting yourself and your intuition to then deal with the challenging information you have been asking for and the lessons to be learned! The Angels clearly indicate that if you truly intent to follow your intuition your steps are assured and success will follow. Any apparent delays and challenges will subside as you move ahead with courage.

Please do not forget to ask the help of your angels and pray for easy resolution of challenges as well as assistance to recognize and follow your intuition.

Key elements: learning, requesting, intuition, confidence, maintenance of emotional balance, moving ahead with courage.


Space for you request, prayer or comment.

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