Vegetable/fruit Chocolate Smoothie

This is a gift from Heaven Smoothie that I just created today with my Vitamix!! I am swimming in an ocean of bliss…

Check the recipe:

3 small pears
2 figs
2 slices of Pumpkin(when is still green)
1 carrot
1 tsp of powdered raw cacao
1 tsp of cocoa
1/2 tsp maca powder
1/3 cup of unsweetened soya milk

Put them in your blender(we need to talk about this and i will write on the subject soon!)and mix the ingredients until well mixed(the end product looks like a thickish cream!). Try to choose organic vegetable and fruits and it would be even greater if they are local!

Enjoy as much as i did!!

This is a smoothie to uplift your mood, lighten your heart and empower you with all the amazing vitamins a garden has to offer combined with superfoods! It is healthy and yummy!

Love, love, love!!


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