Angel Reading for the week 2/6 to 8/6/2014

Greetings beloved Ones. A week follows that brings forth strong energies. Things seem to move quickly and you find yourself being involved in lots of things happening simultaneously. This can be draining and exhausting. This week points to a decision(s) to be made. As all this you experience is intense, we recommend to you to consider a more playful approach. This will lift the heaviness and as you have some fun, joy, relaxation, energies will move and your mind will see things with clarity and lightness. DO NOT underestimate the importance of play!

The middle week finds you dealing with relationships, romantic ones, friendships, your family, marriage and/or yourself. You need to contact Nature even if it is for few hours which shall offer you some answers you seek or ideas, and assist you reaching a serious decision. The Father figure appears and the angels say you may need to talk or come in contact with your father, either for healing unresolved issues or just to provide comfort to your being. It may be you are dealing with masculine energies, either in yourself or others. The middle week is after all a “relationship” station. The train will stop there for few hours or days and you will have to explore. This is a necessary stage.

The end of the week find you with the need to move on. What once interested you, now doesn’t! You learned what you had to learn, now you feel the need to move on! Rest assured for the Angels keep an eye on you, you have lots of help! What they say is to pay attention to your inner voice and act according to its instructions! You will find your Angels’ whispers at your heart’s chamber.. Pay close attention…


This week’s help tip:

Engage into any habit which brings forth a ceremonial attitude like putting on candles, taking a bath.


Channel Eleftheria Pagkalou

Copyright Eleftheria Pagkalou


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