Higher Self Channeling on how to create Abundance at a National level (21/2/15)


Question: What does it take for us to create and experience an abundant reality, an abundant Country?


  • The belief I deserve abundance. I know my history, my weaknesses and strengths and I acceptance myself for all that I am.
  • The belief I came into existence to be abundant, it is my birth right, my Divine inheritance. I am the Son/daughter of God.
  • The belief I have the knowledge and all the potential to honour with my actions my ancestors, learn from my history, my state in the present moment and choose for my future what I desire.

What is thus the work to be done?

  • The belief that in the eyes of God we are all equal, no one is superior to another.
  • The believe there is abundance for all.

Overcoming fears that the abundance of one expands/draws from the abundance of another.

There is hierarchy and order based on the Power and Wisdom, Love and Peace rather than on fear of loss of power and control.

Trust and faith this System is of the highest Integrity and the Good for all.

All positions are maintained on equal and mutual respect and held by those who have the Experience, Wisdom & Morality to act on and distribute this Wisdom for the Development of others and society as a whole.

Obedience is reached and maintained through Respect rather than fear of authority.

At a National level the above entail breaking free from the addictions which make a Country needy and reinforce the Country to depend on more powerful ones in order to survive.

Creating a Humanitarian code of Ethics. Anything which shall offend this Code and questions human rights or OUR Planet’s healthy sustainability shall be prevented and taken out of the equation.

All acts shall reinforce and protect life on earth and respect the Universe in totality. They shall protect present generations and consent to maximization of well being and sustainability of future generations.

There shall be a Board of Wise Ones which must approve acts answering at a National and Global level. Its main function shall be to maintain order and combat inconsistencies to higher order Ethics as mentioned above.

The Country shall be governed and led by higher order and money shall only serve the Well Being and prosperity of the Society.

All false past National maneuvers, and mistakes can and shall be overcome. Past shall only contribute to learning and development and not be a hunting Ghost or used for manipulations by those in false Power. Our past is only to remind us of all the great Teachings about Human Rights and lies within our DNA to assist our growth and consciousness expansion at any moment we decide to activate it.

The right moment can be now.

All necessary resources are present to guarantee success and thriving; great Minds, Wise Ones, Therapists, Scientists, Natural resources, All to support this quantum leap to take place.

This shall set an example which others may choose to follow.

Remember, darkness is only a call for Light to come in. Light can be seen and followed, can never be turned to darkness, unless It fools itself of a false reality.

The extraordinary work taking place at an individual level must be brought up to the National level.

This Society shall be called by few utopian but in a few years time can be turned to a reality through the Visionary Power of those who can hold such a Vision.

Country’s Well Being equation shall always be answering perseverance of life for present and future generations.

No Human, no Village, no Town, no Country, no Continent, no World shall ever sacrifice Life through all its forms in the name of profitability. For the day will come for all who contributed to this imbalance and violated Nature’s Laws will pay for their ignorance, abuse of power and abuse of higher order of things which define life.



To all Visionaries like myself, things seem easier when looked from the higher perspective rather than the lower, illusionary ones.

I do not believe our Country Constitution is the best one, I do believe though it was made to protect human life and rights from lower entry intentions or entities and should be the Bible (until something better is created and corresponds to higher order laws) to all those Governing a Country.

They are reminded, they are the Ones responsible to represent the Citizens and keep them safe whilst the later lead their daily lives.

We shall all educate ourselves to Humanitarian practices and protection of all species on this Planet. We are all here to Serve the higher good and manifest our life purpose for ourselves, our fellow citizens, Earth’s inhabitants and the generations yet to come.

This life is a gift offered to us as an answer to our request and shall be honoured and protected till the end of all times.

We shall all remember life is a creation and is given to us. Life maintains the order of things and life shall do everything necessary to protect its equilibrium. We are only but a particle in this chain, yet if we choose to, we can create miracles.

A Nation can only be prosperous if it holds a Vision of Prosperity and defends it against all odds. This entails that people living in this Nation must hold a vision of prosperity for all.

Finally I shall provide a sort definition of abundance:

Abundance replies to every need which contributes to the Well Being of the people, the Society, at all levels of their being, i.e. emotional, mental, psychological, physical, energetic, spiritual to name but a few.

Eleftheria Pagkalou (c 2015)





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