Angel reading for the week 12/5 to 18/5/2014

Good  afternoon beloved ones!

This week has to be a slow and easy flowing week. Many of you may be celebrating your success! It is important to keep in mind though that you need to be patient as this week provides supportive energies for planning ahead. It is important to find the time to plan ahead. The seeds you will put into the soil now will have the potential of extraordinary growth! Don’t expect fast developments and do not force things to happen in a short period of time. Be patient! Review plans and be expectant!

As days go by, you may find yourself trying to find solutions to problems or feeling exhausted. It is the right time to take some time off to rest, to go for vacations or just do things which will rejuvenate you. Whatever you are facing needs some introspection and quiet time for answers to flow in. Do not push forward. Respect your natural rhythms.

As you recover, you are asked to follow your intuition this week! There lying the answers you seek. If you do not find the time to rest and take time off, you will find yourself being even more tired having a hard time understanding &/or following your intuition. Since there is a quest for intuition, it is important to nurture yourself and move with the flow of time!

Remember not to push things forward or seek temporary solutions to any of your problems. As it is always the case, you will end up having more problems to solve and possibly suffer exhaustion. Choose to break this pattern of behavior, for it demands more of your time and energy at the end! Move slowly and wait for intuitive answers. These are feminine qualities which provide for golden solutions at times like these. To those that rationalize a lot, are determined and engage in masculine energy a lot, things may move out of hand this period, especially as days move closer to full moon’s energy (this week)!

Stick to the plan, stick to relaxation, stick to your intuition and wait!

We are here at all times if you choose to ask for help and seek answers.


Channelled by Eleftheria Pagkalou at 11/5/2014




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