Angelic and Spiritual Guidance 23/8/2014

Hello my beautiful Ones! Here you will read the Angelic and Spiritual Guidance given to me today as I was lying under a beautiful, loving, nurturing tree by the beach. Feels so good to be back again writing to you.. Enjoy!!

“The Angels start the reading with the theme of dreams! It may be that you dream about a lot of things you would love to experience and create or that you are experiencing a dream manifested within the month of August. You may be like a child who dreams and jumps into loving activities for the shake of joy and pleasure. Laughter… It may be that you feel you still have some time left so you can do something you haven’t yet dared to do! And it is this time where in the back side of your head you may think…..and in your heart you know, soon something will end and something else will have to begin.

(ASSISTING NOTE: The Angels show me all these things dancing together with differing degrees of involvement within this subject for each of you).

There is still time for play and there is still time for preparation for letting go what is meant to end with the passage and move of August. What comes out needs to be replaced sooner or later by new incoming stimuli, inner work and integration.

Think about what it is you would like to yet act out within August and do act it out! Do not hold back! You have the chance to release any remaining wishes, to unleash them, to let them go; for soon enough you will have to release this month and welcome a new dynamic September which will bring in new Light. This Light will help you complete the uncompleted, give birth to something new, an idea perhaps, which will put you in orbit with the potential for success. This Light will fill you in with the confidence you need.

Grab each chance brought to you in order to manifest the August wishes, to let them go and move on. The Angels guide you through and protect you. Jump in!

TIP: The end of August and beginning of September demand that you put your heart and mind into co-operation. Wishes can be accomplished, however, together with higher reason you will move in and out easily and smoothly”.


End of transmission 23/8/2014.



NOTE: The stages described above are very set, distinctive and supported by Archangelic forces.

Remember, you cannot fail but you can take the opportunities offered to you because this will create feelings of joy and success which will empower you.

I only hope you enjoy the guidance and light shed to you as much as I do!

All my love,



Channeled by Eleftheria Pagkalou(c)


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