Angel Reading for the week 19/5 to 25/5/2014

Good afternoon beloved ones. This week take you on a journey to heal yourself through focusing on your positive aspects! Do not think about your weaknesses, do not invest any of your time on them. The guidance relates to your family. It may be that you have healed your relationship with one of the members of your family especially a brother or sister which adds to your strength or that you need to turn to your family to get the encouragement and/or discover your positive aspects. Your family holds positive characteristics you may have to discover and unfold. Doing so will strengthen and deepen your roots, ground you and heal you!

It is important to trust whatever comes across in your path, for this period Ascended Masters onersee the process and guide you. Act with the intention to be the best you could be! This will help you move on higher grounds and set you free from the plays of your ego.

This attitude will take you towards the end of the week through a purification process which is necessary in order for the lower energies to be removed. Remember to be gentle with yourself and use powerful tools like precious stones to assist you and take you through the process smoothly. This purification period will center you and strengthen you even more.

We encourage you to dive into this journey and keep your eyes open as your true self unfolds and makes your path in life easier, more beautiful and promising. As you focus on your positive aspects, you give yourself the opportunity to grow and thrive in life. Remember, we walk next to you as you follow your life path!


Channel Eleftheria Pagkalou 19/5/2014

Copyright Eleftheria Pagkalou


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