Angelic and Spiritual reading for 11/2/15 to 20/2/15

This is an amazing strong middle February period as we come out of the Mercury Retrograde. The Angels say this is time to move ahead with agreements and contracts as luck seems to be by your side. You have done a lot of work and it is time to move ahead either alone or by creating new partnerships. It is time to study, research and move forward.

By the middle of this period you will experience delays and information which you will need to clarify. It may be the time to leave something behind and move to something new. Take all this as an opportunity for improvements. For few of you, it may be time to pursue new career opportunities. Remain open to new possibilities and do not turn your back as you may loose opportunities and gifts. This middle grounds period may be one of extreme emotions or an opportunity to move ahead. It is advised you allow yourself to engage to creative expressions as this will clear your emotions and allow for clarity to come forth.

During the end of this magnificent period, the Angels show me you will need to have trust and faith in yourself and protect what you have created and/or invested on. It is the time to learn to stand up for yourself, to demonstrate what you have learned and overcome the tiredness you may experience.  Remember all circumstances are part of your experience and opportunity for growth. Invest your energy in believing and on being positive.

Love from the Angels.

Channeling by Eleftheria(c 2015)


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