Angel Reading week 9/6 to 15/6/14


Greetings beloved ones!

The week starts with the need to make a conscious decision about solitude. Spend hours or dedicate a part of the day or the whole day in silence. Don’t follow structures or plans, just be. The environment around you with the noise and other people’s concerns & emotions has overloaded your Nervous System and you find yourself with unpleasant emotions and thoughts as well as many emotional ups and downs. As the full moon approaches, you need to work with qualities like believing, trusting, surrendering, opening the door to your spirit!

The middle week is the time for purification and forgiveness. How many things we could tell you about this! This is the time for release of anything that can be an obstacle and usually unforgiveness stands on the way to Peace! Purify your Body, your mind, your soul, and allow the thinking man inside you to say what he wants to say until you manage to release him to peace! Suppressing is not the way to keep him in order! Sooner or later, he will pop up at a difficult time and will create great confusion! Forgiveness brings great healing to your heart and soul and is the way to unleash the magical forces of your nature! Forgiveness brings inner peace, eases the mind and releases the hidden treasures you hold within. The Full moon assists you in this process and will bring you closer to completing this work!

This is the way for the end of the week to bring you peace, connection with your true self, feelings of relief and gratitude, believing in this magical world! You may not be able to see it but all that you go through now, are meant to bring deep healing to you. Do your part and have patience for this cycle is meant to be completed for another cycle to begin.

Towards the end of the week, make sure you do something good for earth. It can be something small. Pay attention to trees and plants around you and care for them. This is a path which will connect you more with what you truly are and uplift you so that you finally see things from a higher perspective! Without grounding yourself and connecting to earth, you cannot reach upheaven!


I release this channeling to all of you, in great honour to my Spiritual friends in the higher realms of reality for all the work, guidance and protection they shed into my life and the life of many others!

Lots of Love,

Eleftheria Pagkalou from “Heaven on Earth Spiritual Life Temple”


Channeled by Eleftheria Pagkalou

Copyright Eleftheria Pagkalou


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