Angelic & Spiritual Teachings and transmission 25/6/2014

Have a great day beloved Ones!

Do you feel you follow others opinions, ignoring all the red flags and warnings coming from within?

Check your words and acts and see if your actions compromise your integrity and values. Undermining your values and the voice of the true Self, acting out of your lower self irrespectively of what feels right or wrong to you, is an act of free will, but cannot save you from facing the consequences of your acts sooner or later.

Whatever compromises your integrity always returns back to you as a balancing act.

It may be that at the moment you feel you cannot act, that the road ahead is rocky and difficult if you change the course of your actions, but be sure, it may be difficult at the beginning but it will save you Time and Energy later on. Whatever goes around, comes around!

Stop what you are doing and think:

Do I compromise my integrity and values with my choices and actions?

What does it feel right and what wrong?


Lots of Love,

Eleftheria Pagkalou

Channeling Eleftheria Pagkalou (c) 2014 


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