Angelic & Spiritual Guidance & Teaching 1/7/2014

Your Spiritual support teams want to help you with the challenges you face.

The beginning of this month brings you closer to yourself and the challenges you need to face and overcome. It is the month of internalization and introspection, hence, you cannot avoid these very aspects which relate to YOURSELF.

There are several things to guide you, strengthen you and protect you along the way! The important two follow:

First, you have to maintain your hopes high at all costs!! The reality is that the challenges you are facing are temporary and will take you to higher grounds. It is therefore important to remain hopeful and don’ t allow yourself to loose its strength. Hope means trusting that everything will turn out for the best!

Second, never never never forget that all your power derives from your Spirit. No matter what your earth self is doing, i.e. overeacting, crying, worrying, panicking, feeling stressed, hopeless etc. KNOW that in truth, you are always connected with the Divine meaning you have all the POWER to achieve all that you truly want!


Channeling Eleftheria Pagkalou Copyright 2014



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