Animal communication 1/5/14

This is our message to you:

“we came from far away planets to experience life on earth in these intensified years. We come with love, to share love and teach you love. WE DO NOT come in order to create disputes and battles between you. Speak of us with love and carry to your fellow men our message of love. Fighting each other for us create even more turmoil and you need love more than we need to heal your hearts. Fighting for us also passes on to us negativity. Teach love with loving acts, not with war!

You treat us as you treat yourself most of the time. Caring and loving us means you love yourself and care for yourself. Many times we incarnate to your planet being aware of the life we will most likely experience. We learn to transform negativity into positivity. This is within our life purpose for we are mastering our skills as you do.

Please listen to us. This is a message we communicate from our heart to your heart. We send you love and remind you “remember to treat yourselves with love and care”. This adds meaning to our lives and you, thus, assist us on our path on planet earth. Your Globe is in transition and much pain at the moment at all levels and at times “blood has to be sacrificed” for transmutation to take place. Be patient, compassionate and loving. These we are here to remind you…”


1 thought on “Animal communication 1/5/14”

  1. Eleftheria said:

    It is wonderful to receive such important messages so directly from you!thank you!!!


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