Angel Reading for the week 26/5 to 1/6/2014

Greetings beloved Ones! Another week full of information and energies anchoring you into contemplation, patience, decisions and actions! We do see many possibilities for you and a total shift that can take place if you set your intention on following the energies of the week!

The week starts with the need for purification, a necessary step for your health and healings you had been asking for or are necessary for your next steps to life. You may need to go into a detox diet or cleanse away toxic emotions and do things for the right reasons. If your health is imbalanced or you suffer toxic emotions like jealousy or competition and blame or guilt, stop and give a second chance to yourself to approach things from a higher perspective. If you don t remove the things that stress your physical or emotional body, you will face possible illness or psychological exhaustion and you will eventually have to re-evaluate your approach to situations and yourself and therefore, ending up spending more time to recover from the loss rather than acting upon your goals and improvement of your life. Purification is not an option but a must engage step for your evolution.

Believe in yourself you can do it because the truth is, yes, you can!

If you lack play in your life, take a break, meet with friends and have a good time!

If you eat inappropriate food, invest your time preparing something more healthy for yourself or disconnect from unhealthy foods. The time is now!

As you act upon cleansing yourself at any necessary level, you will experience better health or you will see yourself healing from an illness or psychological imbalances. You will then see the transformation in different aspects of your life. Things will start again to flow at a new revived level, you will be able to take the decisions you seek, give birth to new ideas and solutions(for those willing to get pregnant this will be the time)or plan new seeds and make wishes which will be easily manifested.

Make a commitment today to take better care of yourself and rest assured you will experience the positive results of your actions!

Remember we are here always guiding and protecting you, loving you eternally!

Your Angels.


Channel Eleftheria Pagkalou 25/5/2014

Copyright Eleftheria Pagkalou


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