Angel Reading and Guidance 21/3/2015 till 31/3/2015

Here we are beautiful ones, 21st of March, in the Spring Equinox(where the day and night are of equal length), moving towards the last part of March. What a wonderful and intense period this was! This week involved several astrological alignments which shed light in our path leading to today’s equinox which brings all energies in balance. The Angels say for the last part of March:

“Dear Ones, we watched all of you this period of time, with many of you being tensed, others confused and others experiencing some energy shifts although not being aware of what it was and how you had to manage through the stress and intensity. This last part of the month shall bring beauty in and an opening up to energies as you enter the Spring time.

The first days of this period shall bring you towards new situations, opening doors that you are now able to walk through. All your past experience has prepared you for this. It is time where your experience will blend with humour to uplift the energy and take you through these doors easier. This is the way to walk lighter.This is the time to turn to your career and have the things done. You know what to do.

In the middle of this period we have integration. This means you can bring the things you acted upon to an end, integrate them. There might be a sense of satisfaction. All this work has contributed to your evolution and great understandings! Remember to thank All who have helped you to complete this work i.e. family, relationship, your Angels. A few of you may receive an award for the work you did!

As the days move towards the end of March, you may find yourself involved in new challenges and old habits like negative thinking which may bring your energy down. As one cicle is completed, another one opens up.. be open to the new challenges which will bring again change in you. The energy may be such to accommodate negativity, however, you don’t have to allow this to come into your experience. Us, Angels are here to help. These days it is important to allow for help to come. Your negativity may create negative situations. Ask our help to shift your thoughts and way of dealing with your daily life”.

A story to tell:

As the Angels talked past days and today crossed my mind. This week was trully intense for me as well. I came to completing the end of a three month period training where I had to submit lots of paperwork with a deadline set this week. I found myself struggling with a heavy cold during these days I was doing this work. It is really rear for me to get sick so at the beginning I thought it would easily pass and heal but I was mistaken. The day I got the cold, I felt it the minute I picked it up. As i was at work, I didn’t react as I should have and the cold progressed. Before I knew it I had fully blown symptoms and the papers standing on my desk. I asked the Angels “ok, now what?”. I went through the night with Angels by my side, I call it “Angel medication”, and the night was rough. The next day, i got up and I could not really move. I had a juice for breakfast and looked at my desk. I said “Angels if this is the way it should be, let it be and let the work begin. I sat down and for few minutes I thought “how can this happen now, what am i supposed to do? “. For few seconds, I panicked! And then I said “ok, let me start and the story will lead me. If it shall be, it shall be”. I had lots of reading and writing to do. I thought “perhaps, doing the work will make me forget the pain my body suffers and the fever! So, my body would have the time necessary to heal as I would do my work. I had anyway decided not to take any medication! What is it that my body goes through? I trust it can deal with whatever it is effectively”. And so, I started the work. I worked for hours and hours. I collapsed several times and then again stood up. I am grateful to my husband who took over these couple of days and cooked for us and took care of my needs. He knew I had to work but trully he could not believe how sick I was. And I am grateful to my pets who stayed by my side for hours, only trying to distruct me when I had to move; they looked at me being stuck on my chair for hours!

The two days came to an end and before I knew it and to my surprise, I had completed the reading, the writing and reports and found myself submitting them. I did not know how to feel. I had chosen to walk the difficult path of sickness and experiencing it in my body whilst doing Spiritual and Mental work but somehow i made it to the end, earlier than I thought! Angels? Angels’ medicine had won. My body was still working hard but did an excellent work! My body with the works of the Angels worked non stop to heal and support my Spiritual work!!

As I walked down the beach today with my husband and meditated for few minutes to welcome the Equinox and regain some balance, I closed my eyes and heard the sound of the Sea and I heard the Angels whispering as I was listening to the sound of the waves “as one circle is completed, another one opens. There is no beginning and no end to this movement. The waves move syncronised across the beach and withdraw for the new ones start to reach the shore. And as they do, they create the music of the waving which never ends. As one wave dies another one is born”.

I hope my story inspires you and help you understand better the way the Universe works. Please feel free to write any comments you want and share here.

All my love,

Eleftheria Pagkalou

Copyrights Eleftheria Pagkalou 2015.


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