To all of you who wish to submit a prayer for the Camino you still have time to do so. Please visit the link Camino de Santiago on the announcements page.

I pray for all of you who need help and world peace. Allow me to bring forth your prayers from Greece and around the world, all the way to Camino. It is an honour to do so for everyone who wishes to receive or send help.

A prayer comes from the heart, is simple but pure. Use present tense and ask for yourself and others, speaking directly to the spirit world-Father God. “Dear God please….” or “Dear God I feel…need…want…please help me…help others…” and be as specific as you can. Your prayer is a piece of art of your magnificent self. Allow it to be expressed and expect miracles.

My love from the Camino.. follow us…allow yourself to come along..all the way to Camino.