You can now request your Weekly or Monthly Personalised Angelic Guidance depending on your needs and the work you would wish to accomplish!

Angelic Guidance has consistently and repeatedly produced amazing shifts and changes in human life! My experience through the years has remarkably shown the extremely highly valued results few of which I report below:

  1. Assisting in setting goals and achieving them systematically with less effort and more joy during the process of their accomplishment.
  2. Relieves the individual from insecurities and fears, thus, leading to a safer more fulfilling life.
  3. Decreases stress and psychosomatic pains which relate to daily life  and/or chronic unresolved issues.
  4. Increases feelings of accomplishment, fulfillment and joy.
  5. Offers help and support.
  6. Reduces depression and negative thinking as well as other Psychological problems such as stress ad panic attacks.
  7. Assists changing attitudes and adopting a more positive outlook in life.
  8. improves the quality of life of the individual and not surprisingly of the people living with or relating to this individual

and many more results are being observed depending on the individual’s unique characteristics.

You can now order your Weekly or Monthly Personalised Angelic Guidance through the Phone or your e-mail.

The value at the moment is at 30€ per Reading.

For more information, appointment or requesting your Personal – individualized Angelic Guidance contact me at (0030) 697 8385177 during morning and afternoon hours or e-mail me at


With love and Angelic Blessings,

Eleftheria Pagkalou (Copyright 2015)


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